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Paris is the birthplace and reigning capital of the fashion industry. The couture houses. The designers. The boutiques. The city itself. Things happen in Paris that happen nowhere else. And in a peaceful oasis in the very center of this spectacular city is the Cité Universitaire — campus of Paris Fashion Institute.

Here is the first school where students of fashion design and fashion marketing/merchan­dising enjoy the unique experience of learning about the industry and living with the very people who create it.

Since 1976 Paris Fashion Institute has provided an education and has been an inspiration and practical training ground for the real workings of fashion.

Students learn first-hand from professionals in such fields as public relations and product development. These enriching experiences enable them to gain an insight into the industry, broadening the concept of fashion beyond clothing to include everything from cosmetics to crystal.

Board of Advisors

Paris Fashion Institute was honored to have on its board Loulou De La Falaise, Erté, Madame Gres, Phillippe Guibourge, Francois Lesage, Eric Mortensen, Guy Paulin, Yves Saint Laurent, Susan Train.

Special thanks to Maxinne Capen Spector and Paul McDonough, beloved collaborator.

Please direct any questions about Paris Fashion Institute or its academic program or inquiries for the staff of Paris Fashion Institute to .

“What an incredible experience! All of the field trips, lectures and guest speakers were very inspiring and informa­tive. In that one month’s time I feel I learned more about the industry than the years I have studied.” Laura Grendys